Thank you, Lost!

I just caught up on watching the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that followed Sunday night’s Lost finale. For anyone who didn’t see it, the episode starts with the audience watching the end of the finale episode. As Jack’s eye closed, ending the series, the camera cut to a number of audience members They were obviously incredibly moved by the final moments of the show and .

I must confess that I am kind of a fake Lost fan. Sort of a cheater, if you will. I did not devote the last six years of my life to Lost. A roommate of mine introduced me to the show about six months ago. But once I saw the pilot, I was HOOKED. I especially love the first couple of seasons, but even with the ever-increasing level of insanity in the series’ later years, the finale was an excellent tribute to the characters that all Lost fans fell in love with over the years (or months, as the case may be).

Let’s face it: Lost was a one-time deal. It was truly a television phenomenon. And no matter how you feel about the show (love it or hate it because there really isn’t room for apathy when dealing with Lost), it got people talking and thinking and reassessing. We are constantly being educated and influenced by the variety of media available to us. Television is, arguably, more accessible than theatre in our culture. There is a lot of really idiotic stuff out there being broadcast into our living rooms. And we usually watch it. So in that context, I am eternally grateful to the writers, actors, directors and all the artists involved in creating Lost for giving us something really substantial to think about. Lost challenged its viewers to think about their lives on emotional, spiritual, philosophical, physical, intellectual and artistic levels. What more can we, as television consumers, ask for?


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