It’s an Art.

If I could pass along only one of the many things I have learned over the past week and a half of teaching artist orientation/training at LCT, it would be the emphasis on the artistry of teaching.

In talking us through all of the different classes we will be tackling this summer, our supervisors kept returning to the notion that this is as much an opportunity for us to create and use our imaginations as it is for the young people we will be teaching. Each class’ source material is either a picture book or a script adapted from stories for young people, depending on the age group. But the amount of opportunities for us to stretch our creativity as teaching ARTISTS seems infinite.

Teaching is not a chance for me to shine as an actor, director, designer, or choreographer, even though I have experience in all of these areas. Teaching is my opportunity to bring all of my theatre skills together to serve the artistic and developmental growth of young people.

Teaching is not a “safe alternative” to acting or directing or a way of hiding from the scary world of professional theatre. This is the real deal. I have encountered numerous road blocks and personal challenges specifically in my acting work that have been really difficult. I need to prepare myself for those moments to come up in my development and growth as a teaching artist as well. One thing I will say to myself at every challenge: it’s an ART.


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