It’s Transition Time Again!

I love to pack. I truly enjoy organizing my possessions and figuring out the three-dimensional puzzle of fitting them all in my car. It always amazes me that it all still fits, but my Rav4 is a magical traveling companion.

Following my passion for arts education has already taken me to numerous places, allowing me to learn from a variety of artists. With no concrete ties to any one place, I have the freedom to let my passion for arts education take me anywhere. There was a lot going on as I closed out my season at Trinity Rep, and I’m gearing up for summer, so it’s time to catch up on some life news.

Once Upon an Intern Year

As my parting gift to my supervisors in the education department at Trinity Rep, I summed up the 2010-2011 season in the form of a picture book called, Once Upon an Intern Year. You’ll have to take my word for it that my stick figure illustrations were hilariously exquisite.

As the book title implies, this year had a lot in common with a fairytales: I met scores of hilarious and interesting characters along the way, I encountered several dragons (challenges) to overcome, and there was more than enough magic with the incredible education and theatre experiences I had at Trinity Rep.

I was given the freedom and responsibility that ensured a sense of ownership over my role in the education department. It is so rewarding to know that in addition to learning something new every day, I was also making valuable contribution to the company.

LCT: Round Two

The first thought that came to mind after finishing theatre school last summer was, “When can I come back?” Like many of my fellow teaching artists from summer 2010, I knew my time at LCT was not over.

After a fantastic year of learning more about myself as a theatre artist and administrator, I concluded that another summer at LCT would be the best fit for what I want to learn next. I know I want to be in TYA, and I want to focus more on developing and implementing creative drama curricula for young people.

Meet Me in St. Louis!

I’m thrilled to announce that this fall I will be joining the wonderfully creative team at Metro Theater Company in St. Louis as the Teaching Artist Fellow for the 2011-2012 season!

I got a chance to meet Carol North and Emily Kohring, Metro’s artistic director and education director, respectively, at One Theatre World in Seattle. We connected immediately about our passion for arts integrated learning and agreed to set up an interview for the position after the conference.

This interview didn’t feel like an interview at all. It was an engaging dialogue between three artists who shared a drive to create new work for young audiences and high quality education programming guided by a profound respect for the creativity of young people. I knew immediately that these were the people I wanted to work with and learn from next. Luckily they felt it too, and I’m off to St. Louis in August!

So that’s my news for now. Tomorrow I’m off to Lexington with my summer roommate/teaching artist extraordinaire/partner-in-crime, Corey Latta. Let another great summer of teaching and learning begin!


2 thoughts on “It’s Transition Time Again!

  1. You’re gonna be in MISSOURI!!!!!! I’m SOOO excited!! You must send us your theater schedule and we’ll try to coordinate that with a Cardinals game to boot!!

    I’m SO EXCITED for you!!! (And us…to see you a tad easier!!)

    Big, BIG hugs!!

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