Happy Father’s Day!

We are having an insane amount of fun in these beginning weeks of summer theatre school at Lexington Children’s Theatre, and I am thrilled to be back for another amazing summer. While my time is scarce for lengthy blog updates these days, I need to take a moment on this here Father’s Day to thank my Dad.

I am so lucky to have two wonderful parents who have always supported my aspirations in the arts. The starving artist living in a cardboard box stereotype doesn’t scare them because they believe in me enough to know that won’t be me. My dad is always there to listen to me work through my challenges and turn them into life lessons. He’s always there with a joke to lighten the mood when I get so wrapped up in these challenges that I have forgotten to have any fun. Having parents who encourage me to do the work that makes me happy, regardless of how much money I’m making has made this first year out of college that much more rewarding.

So thank you parents, and thank you DAD for your insight, your jokes and your encouragement. I wouldn’t be me without you!


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