The Magic of Kindergarteners

I had a magical day today. How many people do you know that describe their work days like that? I want to share a moment of this magical Friday with you before kicking off the weekend that shows how much adults have to learn about life from young people.

I finished my day of magical teaching with a wonderful group of kindergarteners. When they walked into the gym, the energy in the room completely shifted. I felt my shoulders relax, my face break into an immediate smile and my heart literally melted. This group was adorable, no question, but what really got me was their wide-eyed openness to the world. And when we attempted to make a circle, young people flocked to me and Roxane, my co-teacher. These young people that were perfect strangers to us wanted nothing more in that moment than to sit next to us. It’s the strongest self-confidence boost that exists. The openness that they entered the room with was present throughout the class. We had twenty minutes of JOY in that room. I think we can all take a moment to think about how we look at and move through the world. Is it closed off and stressed or open and receptive?

Lots of links collected over the last month are coming your way first thing next week. Until then, have a magical weekend!


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