Fall Findings

Foliage, apples, chilly bike rides, scarves, pumpkins, cider, apple-picking, back to school. There are a million reasons why fall is my favorite season. Here are a few more exciting things I’ve found out there on the web to share with all of you arts education minded folk. President Obama has also declared October 2011 as National Arts and Humanities month, so read on!

Parents and Kids Say They Appreciated Autism-Friendly Lion King Matinee
“We couldn’t otherwise come to a show like this out of consideration for someone who paid a lot of money for a ticket, and they want to see an uninterrupted Broadway show.”

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again for Arts Integration – from the US Dept. of Education
Secretary Duncan echoes this national purpose behind PCAH’s call for action on arts education in his foreword to the report.  “The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities explains why American schools are falling short in providing students the opportunity for a well-rounded education and a rich arts education that will prepare them for success in the future.”

An update on ARTSBlog from Lynne Kingsley on Revising the National Arts Standards
On August 30, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) convened a meeting to bring stakeholders up to speed with the revision process of the 1994 National Arts Standards…

Cultivating the Next Generation of Teaching Artists– a post that is particularly close to my heart and interests!
In spite of the central role teaching artists play in our work and that of many other organizations around the country, it seems these opportunities are not showcased as part of the core curriculum in most college level arts programs.

Helping Students Find Their Own Voices in the Arts
We need to look at our own practice and make sure we are consistently cultivating the benefits we claim for arts education. Are we giving kids license to be truly creative?

Theatrical Mindset
As always, my mind turned to theatre. What has the average undergraduate embarking on a theatre course of study absorbed (or not) during their lifetime through first-hand knowledge? So I have drafted my own “Theatrical Mindset List.”

In Honor of Teachers
But how do we expect to entice the best and brightest to become teachers when we keep tearing the profession down? We take the people who so desperately want to make a difference that they enter a field where they know that they’ll be overworked and underpaid, and we scapegoat them as the cause of a society-wide failure.

Arts Education Skills Vital for a Successful Economy
Arts education can play a role in moving America’s school systems to more effectively meet the needs of a 21st century competitive workforce and help prepare a more globally aware citizenry.


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