Celebrating a Friend and Mentor

This past Saturday, my friend and mentor, Margo got married at Mount Vernon. It was so wonderful to be able to spend the special day with her and her now husband. The weather was gorgeous, and the ceremony and reception were so THEM. It was a ton of fun. Read on to find out why I’m writing about a wedding in an arts education blog.

Margo is many things: brilliant, quirky, creative, fun, hilarious, insightful… ¬†basically one of my favorite people on the planet. We met in the summer of 2007 when we were both working in an arts camp at Imagination Stage. She was a director and drama teaching artist, and I was an assistant teaching artist and counselor. This was the summer that I got bitten by the arts education bug, and Margo was a huge part of that. There was a lot I didn’t know about being a teaching artist. But as I watched Margo make magic in a classroom full of young people, I knew one very important thing: THIS is what I want to do with my life. I didn’t have the vocabulary for it yet, but I knew that I wanted to do THAT. Whatever Margo was doing that was so fun and creative and young person-focused. That’s what I wanted to do.

So that’s what I did. I wouldn’t be the teaching artist I am today if it weren’t for that summer and a very special mentor who I’m lucky enough to call one of my closet friends. I believe in celebrating people. This weekend was worthwhile for many reasons, but celebrating a wonderful life moment with such a special friend and mentor is at the top of that list! Congratulations, Margo and Mike!

Me and Margo at Imagination Stage in July 2007.

4 YEARS LATER: Margo and me at her wedding reception this past Saturday!


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