Resources to be Thankful For

Family, turkey, three kinds of pie, Macy’s parade, Black Friday… there are a myriad of reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All of them make me feel stereotypically warm and fuzzy inside. I hope these links about wonderful things happening in the world of arts education have the same effect on you. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

VIDEO: Early Learning Matters
This is a wonderful advocacy piece for quality early childhood education.

Time for New Thinking and Being in Our Business Schools
“I call on America’s business (and law) schools to reach out to America’s artists to create new classes that challenge the old paradigms of what is valuable and to reimagine the skills we need to succeed to create that value and share it.”
-Tom Tresser on ARTSBlog

Teaching Artistry Opens a New Space for Art and Business Education
“The arts are a gift of human nature that holds the source of insight into the depth and nuance of “being” together in the world. It is ironic that existential changes in the world of business bring us to this realization about the value of the arts. But perhaps business is, itself, every bit an art form as any other form of artistic expression?”
-Michael Gold on ARTSBlog

VIDEO: Rethinking Classroom Furniture on Education Nation
An arts/design-integrated problem-solving project for 9th graders… redesigning classroom furniture! Very excited to see design firms partnering with schools. These kinds of instances make my heart happy, what can I say.

VIDEO: The Fall Festival of Shakespeare
I’m totally cheating because this video is from 2006, not this past month. BUT the weekend before Thanksgiving will always be Fall Festival Weekend to me, and this year is no exception. Watch this video, and you’ll see why.


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