March Links From All Over

March! Where did you go?!
Theatre in Our Schools month led me to a million links all over the internet that I wanted to share with you. Here’s a selection of those, and a fun look at where in the world these stories are springing up from. =)

2 thoughts on “March Links From All Over

  1. Thanks, Meredyth, these are awesome! I would like to post the link to your blog on the New York State Theatre Education Association facebook page, if that’s okay.

    If you get a chance, my new blog is up as well:

    PS Love your list of TA resources; Kennedy Center’s ARTSEDGE has some great Teaching Artist resources as well.

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for stopping by! I would love to have ArtSmart linked up with the association’s facebook page. You’re so kind to ask.

      I can’t believe I don’t have ARTSEDGE up on my links list yet- thanks for noticing! I’ll add it today. =)


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