Fellowship highlights and a lesson in being present

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

After the truly MIGHTY miracle of fitting everything in my car (phew!), it’s time for a little reflection. It’s no secret that I am an avid list-maker. (Hello, understatement of the year.) So what better way to share the highlights, life lessons and important takeaways from my fellowship with Metro Theater Company!

Highlights of the year:

  • Building and facilitating arts integrated curriculum
  • Meeting and having meaningful interactions and experiences with playwrights, Jose Cruz Gonzalez, Wesley Middleton and Doug Cooney.
  • Facilitating established curriculum for the first time stretched me in new ways and taught me a lot about myself as a teaching artist.
  • Participating in an advisory committee for new work development.
  • Planning and facilitating an energized Family Fun event for Tomato Plant Girl. Dirt and worms anyone?
  • Decluttering, reorganizing and really overhauling the education closet. Everything is labeled and all is right with the art supply world. (As far as MTC is concerned.)
  • Participating in board meetings and getting to know our supportive and generous board members.
  • Tagging along on tour with Tomato Plant Girl! And making a video about it!
  • The warm, welcoming MTC community that truly became a supportive, encouraging family.

Here’s a few of the many, usually hilarious, always wonderful memories that were made this year at Metro:

This week was the definition of bittersweet. That being said, in everything I did this week, from residencies to yoga classes to fro yo for dinner dates, I was incredibly aware and present. I noticed every detail of each experience and paid an incredible amount of attention to what I was doing, how I spent my time, and the amazing people I was with. And so I had to ask myself, why not live every day this way? I want to hang on to the awareness, attention and gratitude that was present in this last, bittersweet week.

Thank you, Metro Theater Company for such a wonderful year of teaching, learning, creating and laughing. You have all made a permanent impression on me and contributed greatly to who I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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