6 Ways Grad School is Like Bikram Yoga

Labor Day here in Austin was also Free Day of Yoga, so I decided to go try out a bikram yoga class. A lot of my friends rave about this particular style of yoga (done in a very hot and humid room), so I decided to find out if it was for me. It wasn’t. It was definitely my first and last bikram yoga adventure. It was really hard, but I stuck it out for the whole 90 minutes. And in one of the many breaks I took to just lie on my mat and try to find my breath, my brain was thoroughly amused by what a great metaphor for grad school this sweltering yoga experience had become.

1. Doing something you’ve done before in a new environment is surprisingly challenging.

2. You will inevitably compare yourself to someone more experienced at least once. (Stop that. Your practice is about YOU and you only.)

3. You learn the difference between challenging and impossible.

4. It’s okay to just sit back and watch.

5. Showing up is half the battle.

6. There will be more than a few times that you will want to give up. BREATHE.


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